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2017-06-29 14:27:02 by DaneeWive

For my creations I use Fl Studio (Fruity Loops).And this software is formed of a lot of plugins for orchestra or dubstep.I use usually only Harmor for Wubs and Massive for FXs,but now I will use Massive in dubstep that will interchange simultaneously with Harmor,forming together a harmony that is filled more with some orchestra.I WANT TO TRY TO BE LIKE XTRULLOR!!!See you.


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2017-07-31 06:30:58

Your tracks are pretty good i think that if you improved your mixing/mastering you would definitely be pretty close to xtrullor.

(Updated ) DaneeWive responds:

Thank you so much. I will try to be like him.But I don't want to copy him.Every creator needs an own style!!!!