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The style represents the artist...If there is no style,then,there is no artist,it is just a human sitting there,and trying to reveal his style,but he has limits and those limits are his obstacles.So there I am...a human with his limits.

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Posted by DaneeWive - 1 month ago

I am asking this question,because I ,especially, am here and now I am producing,because of this majestic game,that changed my whole wish of what I want to become in the future!

So who is here,because of Geometry Dash?

Posted by DaneeWive - 1 month ago

So yeah I have a very big question to ask you,guys...

What is the difference between doing smth for achieving smth and doing smth for entertaining and because you like it?

I know it,maybe,sounds ridiculous,but that's my big question that I was trying to answer myself ! 'cause I am really curious if this affects my work with smth! I have been producing music for almost 2 years already,and I am still doing the same mistakes,on the mixing,mastering and,of course,dubstep!And I am watching a lot of tutorials and livestreams and a lot of videos that are useful,but I keep doing the same mistakes.Some time ago,I thought that that's because of my PC that is shit,with that CPU,but it seemed that's not the problem why I was doing the same mistakes.

And I was watching yesterday a Q&A from a early music producer(same age,same nationality),that really succeeded in what he wanted and he said that the producer mustn't force himself on doing this,because he has to or because he wants to achieve something,but he must do it for entertaining and because he likes it!And then I realized that,maybe...that's the problem that I am trying to solve.

I am such a person,who wants to prove smth to the whole community what he can do,I want to prove to my friends, to my family(they was always saying that THIS isn't success and I won't get anywhere with this)that I can do more than those shitty tracks I have uploaded so far(except the last one :) )and maybe that's why I am still there,that's why I can move...I'm stuck...please help me,people!(I don't want to give up on this)

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Posted by DaneeWive - June 5th, 2018

Yep...it came...My first COLLAB!

I am so glad we made it!

All i have to say is that I am glad that me and @thVTA (Thexta) builded smth to be so epic...

Just you have to hear with your own ears : https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/809123

Enjoy and Follow us!

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Posted by DaneeWive - May 25th, 2018

6391775_152726807913_bg.pngOh yeah!It is...coming!

Sorry,but I can't answer any question!

All I can say is that it will be epic and majestic!

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Posted by DaneeWive - May 10th, 2018

So...I just wanted to say something about style.The style represents the artist...If there is no style,then,there is no artist,it is just a human...sitting there,and trying to reveal his style...but he has limits and those limits are his obstacles.So there I am...a human with his limits,trying to express himself with the limits he has.Those limits are,maybe,his computer,his audio driver,his hard drive,maybe his keyboard that is sick(some keys do not work at all),and,of course,money...

I just wanted you to get all the idea here...there can be in this world people that don't need a computer to show to everybody his style,and he just has his mind.And if those people would know how to express themselves,then,they would be understood.And yes...everybody has limits.I,as I said,have a very weak PC.If it plays just more than 5 tracks in FL, it will crash,again and again,day by day,night by night...

And As I said in my previous posts,I do have some melodies in my mind that I want to hear not with my mind,but with my real human ears.And that's why we all have limits...to work hard to beat those limits,considered obstacles,and then you can say "I did it,I worked for that and I did it".I can start working for some money,to buy a new computer,new plugins,and new plugins mean new knowledges.Everything in this life is in limits(that's how the world works),a limit to jump,a limit to run,a limit to watch TV(I dun'know),and,of course,a limit to live...

Imagine,just imagine a human with no limits,that had tried nothing,reaching nothing,and wondering:"What have I did to reach this?"...what do you have in mind?...exactly...shame...guilt for something...for that person...thinking that he don't deserve nothing!

I want to reach that day when I will have just one limit,my mind...

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Posted by DaneeWive - April 27th, 2018

Yeah,mates.That is true...still....30!

But I am glad for it,I try to upload there more often!

Well....thank you!

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Posted by DaneeWive - April 20th, 2018

 Well....It is spring....it is good outside....the flowers appeared....the site is updated...but today 20/04/2018 something really sad happened....

Avicii....died....today! I am feeling now like I want to cry,I am.......Uhh...

Just.....Rest in Peace...and...thank you for changing the world...in your way!


I am sorry...

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Posted by DaneeWive - March 21st, 2018

OK.So the track is "The City"and I think it is really cool to listen to it for the second time so GO ON!

Posted by DaneeWive - March 11th, 2018


I am very glad that I have returned on this platform...it missed me a lot and as I promised,the next track that will appear here will be very nice and epic and so here it is...

You can listen to it here :


or on Youtube:


Just hope you like...Enjoy

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Posted by DaneeWive - February 11th, 2018

I hope it will help someone...