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OK.So the track is "The City"and I think it is really cool to listen to it for the second time so GO ON!

I returned!!!

2018-03-11 14:50:14 by DaneeWive


I am very glad that I have returned on this platform...it missed me a lot and as I promised,the next track that will appear here will be very nice and epic and so here it is...

You can listen to it here :


or on Youtube:


Just hope you like...Enjoy

End post - Daniwive...

I hope it will help someone...


A promise...

2018-02-04 10:48:01 by DaneeWive

My last goal was achieved.One of my tracks had got more than 1K views on Newgrounds.I am very excited about that and thank you all for that.But all this time I was thinking about something.I have recently got some comments about my tracks being muddy and not sounding so proffesional,and I decided smth...that I will not give up on this...I will continue to fight to achieve that point that I wanted to achieve...and...I won't get into hard stuff,until I learn the basics,I won't upload tracks here to show my improvement.I will step by.The next track that will appear here(uploaded here)will sound proffesional,will sound better,will sound epic.It will not be fast,but it will be soon,and I also have to prepare for my school exams and then I will focus more on this topic.



Hope you understood...

End Post - Daniwive...

''The New World'' is Out!!!

2018-01-29 08:02:43 by DaneeWive

Yep,still just learning the basics:


Someone remixed my track!!!

2018-01-20 09:19:31 by DaneeWive

I am super excited about that...I thought that someone listening to this,would think that is gross,but I was wrong.

The big guy who changed my point of view is @thVTA...

So Follow thVTA here: https://thvta.newgrounds.com/follow

Listen to the Remixed track here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/785715

Thank you again ma'friend...

Good luck!!!

Lovely DW.


Here's a screenshot to the upcoming track,it will take a while...6391775_151500372683_BACKGROUND.pngAnd also,if you have any questions you can ask me using the commentary bar below...

Plans for next year...

2017-12-25 06:36:59 by DaneeWive

I do not know what will be in in the next year,I know just that I will get myself featured(I think),but I still have to find my way through this,I mean,learning the Xtrullor's style or other styles like Virtual Riot's or smth like that.Of course I will change over time but THIS WILL BE MY RESPONSABILITY AND MY DUTY TO MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE.


So let's go into the new year and find out what will happen.

All I have to say to you is: Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

My story as A Music Artist...

2017-11-27 09:52:19 by DaneeWive

  I know that nobody is reading this,but if somebody will find this please read till the end.I wanted that you knew me as Daniel.I am from a poor(not for me),little country.I am just a kid that is 15 with big dreams in the future.I am not good at school.I am not studying music at school AT ALL.I am just using the best source of knowledge I could ever have:the Internet.Here I am reading,watching and studying everything I want to know about things I am interested in,like:orchestra,bass,dubstep,drums and epic percussion layout.I have got interested in music in 2016.The year when I met the person that changed my way of life - Xtrullor.When this majestic person created a song ''Soulstorm'' I decided to ask him:6391775_151179347232_.jpg

So,I have downloaded it and started to learn for myself,because I have a lot of epicness in my mind and I can just show their names right know:''Reality'',''Melancholy II''(actually this was the first melody in my mind),''The Long Way'',''The Eternal Fire''and the biggest and the most epic projects that I had ever in my mind are ''Ilustrada'' and ''Ilustrada II''.And the released ones - ''The City'',''Melancholy'' and ''Primordial Attack''.That is one of the reasons I wanted to learn this software.And then I just created my Youtube and Soundcloud with hope that someone will just observe me.

So.....yes that was my story about me!!!Please Follow me on my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXmKyTJF2dnKnOOIFa3OqqQ

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dani-wive

And just hope to see me again soon.

Good Bye...........................................

EPIC EMOTIONAL''The City'' is OUT!!!

2017-11-26 12:14:21 by DaneeWive