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2017-09-28 09:02:11 by DaneeWive

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''The Mystic Way'' is OUT

2017-09-17 07:29:30 by DaneeWive

You can view the song here : or 



I think that is time for a real orchestra.With this I will get higher.6391775_150437407691_strings.jpgSee you - - - - DW



2017-08-21 08:46:50 by DaneeWive

My new song has just reached 100 views!!!!!Yes I know that there is no reason for being glad.But my first goal is reached.(To get more than 100 views on a song = DONE!)


2017-07-31 11:08:11 by DaneeWive

Everyone needs a break.Now is summer.It is very hot outside.And we all need to rest now.But I will return.Till then I want to learn,to learn the orchestra and the dubstep art.See you!!!


2017-06-29 14:27:02 by DaneeWive

For my creations I use Fl Studio (Fruity Loops).And this software is formed of a lot of plugins for orchestra or dubstep.I use usually only Harmor for Wubs and Massive for FXs,but now I will use Massive in dubstep that will interchange simultaneously with Harmor,forming together a harmony that is filled more with some orchestra.I WANT TO TRY TO BE LIKE XTRULLOR!!!See you.

My Mistake!!!

2017-06-09 07:12:07 by DaneeWive

Please,I know that nobody cares about it,but you can consider me DaniWive,not DaneeWive.I made a mistake,I have an account called DaniWive.But in that account I cannot upload my tracks,because i was banned,due to a track that I uploaded there.It was copyrighted!!! I AM AN IDIOT!!!

New song - Harmony

2017-06-05 05:11:50 by DaneeWive

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2017-05-31 04:04:49 by DaneeWive

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The Entry is OUT!!!!!

2017-05-24 07:50:12 by DaneeWive